Employment Opportunity

 Kompong Speu province’s Om Laeng commune is no longer an isolated place nor do place of less develop after Phnom Penh Sugar company invested into that community. More than just providing job opportunity to villagers, the company had injected vast of money on infrastructure and other facilities that helps develop community as a whole.
With USD 150 million, the company invested into three areas: sugar cane plantation, refined sugar factory, and basic infrastructure.
Phnom Penh Sugar, bearing a mission of harness and adopting internationally competitive business practices, had transformed over 9,000 hectare of economics land concession into an industrial region. People who lived there for years had received fairly compensation in cash from the company or land from the government for their land ownership.
While villagers in the area used to do farming, earn from logging, drink improper water quality, got no access to electricity, and experience bad road condition, everything have been positively changed.
Phnom Penh Sugar Co., Ltd. provided many jobs, excluding the employment opportunity created by small merchants and retailers surrounding the factory.


  -Crushing Season: Factory need many unskilled workers, while plantation need many workers to cut the cane
  -Non crushing Season: factory need many unskilled workers, while plantation need many workers to maintaining the cane.
  -Other farmers: need many workers.


Business opportunity: there are many restaurants, shops, hair salon, garage, and so on. More importantly, people can earn income from subcontract of transportation, cane cutting, building, and so on. 


Farming opportunity:  once people is familiar with the sugarcane planting technique, they are able to plant it on their land and the company will fix the buying properly price.