President Message

The fastest emerging country with about 14 million people, where youth shares a majority of population makes up a strategic destination for all kinds of investment and business activities.

Cambodia has integrated into the regional and world communities since becoming the member of the Association of South East Asia Nations in 1999 and member of World Trade Organization in 2004 and it has achieved the constantly double-digit economic growth rate for the last decade placing Cambodia as the most preferential business environment.

Locating in the heart of the South East Asian region and rich in natural resources and habitats, Cambodia is the supreme location for any future of business and investment. The government also adopts open economic policy with preferential incentive to all kinds of investment.

Evidencing and indicating in the second phase of rectangular strategy, the government has been prioritizing several prime sectors to make tangible and intangible contribution to economic and social development to driving country’s infant industrial, agricultural, real estate, and service sectors.

Cambodia is moving close to the complex business center in the near future, with the fast growing of construction sector and skyscrapers to open up more opportunity for professional business climate.

Our integrated business positions in the miraculous locations making up the strategic center to catering the country’s fast development opportunity and reflecting the sign of partnership and lifelong intensification.

A commitment to build a successful business climate of the nation, L.Y.P Group positions as the best investment partner in gaming, entertainment, infrastructure and utilities, plantation, trading and distributing, and real estate development. The Group is the first company to take the initiative of diversifying to almost all sectors of business. This has helped the Group in being the partner of investment is all areas of current and future growth.
President H.E. Oknha Ly Yong Phat