About Us


Phnom Penh Sugar Co., LTD officially lunched operation in December 2012 over the economics land concession of 9,000 hectares at Om Laeng Commune, Kompong Speu province. Our total investment is USD 150 millions for phase 1. We invested into three areas: Sugar cane plantation, sugar factory with refinery, and basic infrastructure.

Our vision is “creating the competitive company for Cambodian”.

To translate our vision, we have committed our people delivering the following missions:
-    Recruit, Develop and motivate our people
-    Harness and adopting internationally competitive business practices
-    Bridging the World to our business group
-    Nurturing internationally strategic partners in all businesses
-    Endlessly improving our operational process
-    Being an active party on corporate social responsibility 

Sugar Cane Plantation Area:

The investment focuses mainly on the cane planting and equipment. Cane planting investment includes land clearance, road construction, seed acquiring, fertilizer, watering and so on.
Equipment covers sugarcane farming equipments, heavy machineries and logistic equipments such as tractors, planting machines, cane harvester, excavator, truck, fire truck and so on.

Sugar Factory and Refinery:

-    The factory is able to crush 6000tons of sugarcane per day and the total crushing capacity per year is 1million tons of cane.
-    The refinery is able to refine the raw sugar of 600tons per day.
-    Besides, we are able to generate the electricity 16MW for our own use in the factory, around the area and remaining 5MW to export to the government.
-    The waste water treatment is using natural filter system, which able to transform will waste and sewage into bio-fertilizer to irrigate into the sugarcane plantation.


Basic Infrastructure:

Rather than focusing on business growth, we have invested in many necessary infrastructures such as power plant, water treatment system, road, accommodation and market for both the business purpose and community development.